This polarizer is reflection-type and transmits one polarization and reflects the other polarization.
It is possible to select between 250 nm deep ultraviolet and 1550 nm near infrared. Compact optics is achieved because they are not prism-type and don't need space.
High transmittance for deep UV wavelength is available by using hafnium oxide and silicon oxide materials.

High reliability

The materials are Hafnium oxide and silicon oxide coated on silica substrates.
There is no damage at 400 degree Celcius. They have very good reliability.


We can realize monolithic multi-segment polarizers having various axis.
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The design is very flexible. The element can be customized to meet your needs.
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Reflection type

The photonic crystal polarizers are reflectiontype.
One polarized light is transmitted. The other is reflected.
The polarizers can be used as polarization beam splitters (PBS).

Easy to clean

If it is necessary to clean, the surface can be wiped (cleaned) directly.


If another specs are requested, the element can be customized to meet your needs.
Please note that technical specifications are subject to change without notice.
Center wavelength λcSelectable between 250 nm and 1550nm
Operation wavelength rangeλc±2nm
Transmittance≥80% (250 nm-349 nm), ≥95% (350 nm-1550 nm)
Extinction ratio≥1:1000
Angle of incidenceNormal incidence ± 5 degrees
Thickness of substrate0.5 mm or 1.0 mm
Defect< Ø0.3 mm