Transparent substrates -capacle High speed mapping ellipsometer ME-210-T/ME-210

  • Measurements of film thickness and refractive index
  • Non-destructive and non-contact type
  • Film thickness distribution measurements of Transparent substrates(for example, oriented films on a glass substrate or transparent electrode films)
  • Distribution measurements at high speed and high resolution

Three measurement modes can be selected according to the measurement area. (ME-210-T/ME-210)

Thickness distribution of coated film on an 8” Si wafer (Wide-range mode, measurement spot of 0.5 mm sq.)
Expanded measurement (High-resolution mode, measurement spot of 5 um sq.)

Measurement of films on transparent substrates (ME-210-T)

Reflected light from the back of the substrate is removed.

glass substrate
Thickness distribution of ITO film on a glass substrate (100mm square) (wide-range mode)
Expanded measurement of the edge part (high resolution mode)

Measurement of surface oxide films on wafers (ME-210)

Thickness distribution of oxide film on GaAs wafer (0.5mm-step)
Thickness distribution of oxide film on GaAs wafer (0.5mm-step)
thickness [nm]
thickness [nm]
Distribution along the dotted line
Distribution along the dotted line
Very small differences in the thickness of ultra thin films can be visualized and quantified. (homogeneous wafer (left) and inhomogeneous wafer (right).)


※Product specifications may be changed without prior notice.
RepeatabilityFilm thickness: 0.1nm, Refractive index: 0.001
Measurement speedMaximum 1000 points and over per m minute
Light sourceLaser diode(resonate wavelength: 636nm)
Size of data pointFrom 0.0055mm×0.0055mm to 0.5mm×0.5mm
Incidence angle70 degrees
Stage sizeMaximum 8 inch wafer-capable
Size650 W×650 D × 1740 H [mm]
WeightAbout 120kg
InterfaceGigE(camera signal)
Power sourceFrom AC100 to 240V
AccessoriesDesktop computer, monitor, manual, software CD, standard sample