Wide-Range Birefringence Measurement System WPA-200, WPA-200-L, WPA-200-XL

The WPA-200 series is a type that expanded the measurement range of birefringence and phase difference by measuring at three wavelengths. In addition to the standard type WPA-200 ,there are WPA-200-L whose measurement area has widened to A4 size and WPA-200-XL which widened it to A3 size.

 Simple operation / High-speed measurement

You put the sample on the glass stage and get the data in one-click, within seconds!
With our unique technology of integrated polarization sensor embedded in the camera head, the measurement of full 2D distributions has become simple and fast.

 A myriad of display modes and analysis functions

The measurement data is displayed as a 2D distribution image, using intuitive colormaps or as 3D surfaces.
A handful of analysis features allows to plot the data as line graphs, to compare different data sets or to perform statistical analysis in user-defined areas, showing the numerical analysis results and the histograms as graphs.
The data can be saved and recalled anytime, for further analysis or comparative analysis with newer data, etc.

Measurement function of large retardance

By measuring with three wavelengths, retardance as large as several thousand nm can be correctly obtained.

Further expanding the measurement range

“WPA high retardation measurement option” further expands the measurement range. For more information, please contact us.

Measurement result of PET film (about 7,000 nm)

Displaying retardance and axis in real time

By using our original polarizing imaging sensor, distribution of retardance and axis are shown in real time. You can save the images as a movie file.

Quality evaluation of molded lens

Image of intensity
Image of retardance
It can be seen that the retardance, that is, birefringence is concentrated near the gate of the molded lens.


  WPA-200 WPA-200-L
Measurement range 0- 3,500nm (for quartz) *(1)
Repeatability ≤ 1.0nm
Sensor unit
Birefringence image resolution 384×288 (≈ 0.11M) pixels
Measurement wavelength 523nm,543nm,575nm
Dimensions 270×340×560 mm 430×490×910 mm
Field size 24×32 mm ~ 100×133mm (with standard lens) 33×44 mm ~ 240×320mm (with standard lens)
3.6×4.8 mm ~ 12.9×17.2mm (with zoom lens option)
Weight 13kg 23kg
Interface GigE (camera signal)
Power supply AC100 ~ 240V (50/60Hz) / ~5.0A
Software WPA-View
Accessories included Notebook computer, standard lens, operation manual
*(1) The maximum range depends on the material being evaluated.
* Each specifications may be changed without notice.
* Inner deformation that can be measured with these series is measured optically, and measurement result value is represented as optical phase difference(unit: nm).