(Discontinued product)Birefringence Measurement System WPA-100(-L)

WPA-100 series can measure samples that have several thousand nanometer phase difference value.
It is useful for the management of phase difference distribution of optical films and more.
In addition to the standard type(WPA-100), we offer WPA-100-L that can measure larger samples.


  WPA-100 WPA-100-L
measurement area about from 0 to 3,000nm and over depending on a quality of measurement sample
repeatability 1.0nm and under
Sensor unit
pixel count 384×288 (≈110000) pixels
measurement wavelength 523nm,543nm,575nm
size 310×466×605.5 mm 450×593×915.5 mm
maximum field 100×136mm 250×340 mm
weight 20kg 26kg
interface GigE(camera signal)、RS232C(motor control)
power source/ consumption current From AC100 to 240V 50/60 Hz / up to 6.0A
software WPA-View
accessories desktop PC, monitor, standard lens, manual
※Each specifications may be changed without notice. ※Inner deformation that can be measured with these system is measured optically, and measurement result value is represented as optical phase different(unit: nm)
side view
top view
wiring diagram