Plastic lenses trial system WPA-100-S

WPA-100-S is the specialized small measurement system for small lenses of less than about 10mm in diameter.
The software includes the automatic circle-area extracting function and the automatic acceptance function based on phase difference value.
It is useful for quality control of plastic lenses.

Displaying retardance and axis in real time

By using our original polarizing imaging sensor, distribution of retardance and axis are shown in real time. You can save the images as a movie file.

Quality evaluation of molded lens

Image of intensity
Image of retardance
It can be seen that the retardance, that is, birefringence is concentrated near the gate of the molded lens.


measurement area0- 3,500nm (for quartz) *(1)
repeatability1.0nm and under
Sensor unit
pixel count384×288 (≈110,000) pixels
measurement wavelength523nm,543nm,575nm
size200×275×309.5 mm
Measurement field range4.0×5.4mm to 11.6×15.8mm
weight9kg / power source unit 4.5kg
power sourceFrom AC100 to 240V
softwareWPA-View(for WPA-100-S)
accessorieslaptop computer, manual CD
*(1) The maximum range depends on the material being evaluated.
* Each specifications may be changed without notice.
* Inner deformation that can be measured with these series is measured optically, and measurement result value is represented as optical phase difference(unit: nm).