Real-time analysis & automatic decision function for PA/WPA-View©

Solution 1
100% product check in manufacturing environment

For Quality Control & Shipping Inspection
  • Quick detection of quality defects in transparent pieces (like injection molded parts) by live inspection of the birefringence.
  • The detection of abnormal concentration of internal strain (that can cause cracks and deformations) or the evaluation of the uniformity of optical films are two of the many applications possible.
  • By using the optional automatic decision & remote control module, one can integrate the inspection with an existing manufacturing/quality control system.

  • Measurement time was reduced to 0sec.(1). Speedy measurements are now possible in a busy manufacturing environment.
  • No manual operation needed for the measurement. The result is instantaneously displayed as soon as the sample enters the field of view of the system.
  • The value at custom cursor location is displayed and refreshed real-time
  • Line graphs and histograms move and are refreshed real-time(2).

                                (1) The actual measurement time is 100ms (typ.)
                                (2) Real-time version of standard functions "line analysis" and "area analysis"

 Basic plan
Real-time retardation & graph display
Real-time & quantitative display of the birefringence (retardation & main axis orientation)
Real-time display and refresh of value at user-defined cursor
Real-time display and refresh of the histogram (and statistics) of the data in areas defined by the user.
Real-time display and refresh of line graphs of the data plotted along user-defined lines.
 Option 1
Automatic OK/NG decision
Within the basic plan, the operator must decide by himself of the sample is OK or NG by looking at the data.
Using this option, you can decide a decision criterion and apply it automatically (and real-time) to the data.
The decision result is displayed in colors: OK/NG.
 Option 2
Remote control for synchronization with external system
Using this option, you can communicate the result of the OK/NG decision to an external system, so you can integrate the system to your existing manufacturing and quality control system.
Automatic transport equipement
Bar code reader
Traction test machine etc.

Solution 2
Quantitative analysis of moving samples

For Research & Development
The real-time evaluation of the birefringence of samples that are moving or changing is finally available.
It is now possible to see the evolution of the sample while applying forces or any other dynamic modification.
By looking at the birefringence, one can deduce the amount of strain inside the sample, or its internal crystalline structure (crystal orientation).
The system supports you research & development of material and products.
We welcome your propositions to customize the system in order to fit your particular needs. Please contact us and we will discuss the realizability of the customizations you want. Our goal is to provide a system that can help as much as it could in the realization of our customers goals.
Example customization: addition of a custom logging system when using automatic decision (appending to a database,...)
 Product contents
Measurement system hardware
(PA/WPA series system)
Real-time analysis
(basic: cursor, graphs, histograms)
Automatic decision
(option 1: OK/NG decision)
Remote control
(option 2: sync with outside system)
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 Applicable systems
PA-110-S, PA-110(-L),PA-200(-L), WPA-100-S, WPA-100(-L), WPA-200(-L)
  Photonic Lattice, Inc.
  ICR, 6-6-3 Minami-Yoshinari
  Aoba-ku Sendai city, Miyagi,

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 About the concept of the product, by its designer

My main focus was almost solely put on "simple operation". While being simple to use, the system still provides the whole panoply of functions offered by PA/WPA systems. The birefringence is evaluated not only by showing a picture, but is actual plain quantitative data, that can be used for further numerical analysis. This is the motif of our birefringence measuring systems.
I believe the product is not only useful in manufacturing environment for quality inspection or process development, but can also show himself as a novel and powerful tool for the R&D of, for example, new materials.
In addition, our products are built and designed within a policy and constant and progressive improvement. That's why we welcome any feedback and update our products frequently, in order to catch up with the always changing needs of our customers.

L.F., Chief engineer in charge of product design