Birefringence Measurement System PA-200, PA-200-L, PA-200-XL

PA-200 provides simple and high-speed quantitative evaluation of the birefringence of transparent object, as fully two-dimensional 2D grid data. In addition to the standard model, There are PA-200-L whose measurement area has widened to A4 size and PA-200-XL which widened it to A3 size.

 Simple operation / High-speed measurement

You put the sample on the glass stage and get the data in one-click, within seconds!
With our unique technology of integrated polarization sensor embedded in the camera head, the measurement of full 2D distributions has become simple and fast.

 A myriad of display modes and analysis functions

The measurement data is displayed as a 2D distribution image, using intuitive colormaps or as 3D surfaces.
A handful of analysis features allows to plot the data as line graphs, to compare different data sets or to perform statistical analysis in user-defined areas, showing the numerical analysis results and the histograms as graphs.
The data can be saved and recalled anytime, for further analysis or comparative analysis with newer data, etc.

Displaying retardance and axis in real time

By using our original polarizing imaging sensor, distribution of retardance and axis are shown in real time. You can save the images as a movie file.

Visualization and quantification of complex stress

Measurement of tempered glass for automobile


Measurement range0 ~ 130nm
Repeatability≤ 1.0nm
Sensor unit
Birefringence image resolution1120×868 (≈ 100M) pixels
Measurement wavelength520nm
Dimensions270×340×560 mm430×490×910 mm
Field size27×36 mm ~ 99×132mm (with standard lens)36×48 mm ~ 240×320mm (with standard lens)
3.6×4.8 mm ~ 12.9×17.2mm (with zoom lens option)
InterfaceGigE(camera signal)
Power supplyAC100~240V(50/60Hz) / ~6.0A
Accessories includedNotebook computer, standard lens, operation manual
*(1) The maximum range depends on the material being evaluated and may be lower or higher than the typical value. * Specifications may change anytime without prior notice. * This product record the amount of optical distortion inside the sample, measured as an optical phase-shift (unit: nm)