(Discontinued product)Birefringence Evaluation System PA-110(-L)

This type can be useful for the measurement and analysis of samples that have small phase difference value such as glasses.
In addition to the standard type, PA-110, we offer PA-110-L that can measure larger samples.


  PA-110 PA-110-L
measurement area 0~130nm(1/4λ)
repeatability 1.0nm and under
Sensor unit
pixel count 1120×868 (≒100M) pixels
measurement wavelength 520nm
size 310×395×605.5 mm 450×538×915.5 mm
maximum field 100×136 mm 230×300 mm
weight 18kg 24kg
interface GigE
power source AC100V
software PA-View
accessories laptop computer, standard lens, manual
*Each specifications may be changed without notice.
*Inner deformation that can be measured with these system is measured optically, and measurement result value is represented as optical phase difference(unit: nm).