Decicated software WPA-View©
for the PA/WPA series measurement systems

This software, WPA-View (& PA-View / PI-View+), was specially designed for the piloting and data analysis of the PA/WPA birefringence measurement systems*.
    *Check which software is compatible with which hardware in the compatibility table below.
The software is available in two flavors. The normal version for piloting the hardware & for data analysis, and the data viewer version, dedicated to data analysis, designed to be used offline. Using the data analysis functions, you may open data saved previously when using the system, display multiple data sets for comparison and use the multiple display, graph and statistical analysis functions provided.
The data viewer offline software is available for FREE. Click here to access the downloads page.
In addition to the standard functions, multiple optional functions are also available. To get detailed information on the optional function, click here. For information on the PA/WPA series birefringence measurement systems, click here.

We present below the main feature of the software
 Software download
Compatibility table
Software Hardware (system name)
PA-View PA-110-S, PA-110(-L),PA-200(-L),PA-micro,PA-110-t
WPA-View WPA-100-S, WPA-100(-L), WPA-200(-L), WPA-micro
PI-View+ PI-micro

Main features High functionality & simple operation

Data display, comparative display, cursor display

  • Selection between "Retardation", "Main-axis orientation" and "Intensity"
  • Plenty of display mode: colormap display, threshold display, arrows display, 3D display, etc.
  • Multiple data sets are displayable simultaneously.
  • Use of cursor to display value at desired locations
features 1

Data analysis: line graphs & histograms

  • Plotting of the data along user defined lines (straight or circle)
  • Statistical analysis of the data inside user defined areas (rectangle or circle)
  • Any number of line graphs and histograms (up to 50 each) can be defined towards multiple data sets
  • Analysis results can be saved to files (text, CSV) for further analysis with another software
features 1

Data save & read, the Quick-Save function

  • Measurement data can be saved to files (numerical data, multiple formats available) and opened later on for display & further analysis
  • Fast data save operation using predefined names (user defined) using the Quick-Save function
  • When saved in text mode, saved data can be opened in the software of your choice for further analysis
  • Apart from the data itself, all display and analysis functions results can be saved to files as data of images.
features 1

Reporting function

  • Measurement data is converted automatically to a summarized &: printable report
  • Combined with the Quick-Save function, the whole process of measurement → data save → report generation can be made automatic
  • The layout of the report can be customized

A bunch of optional functions

    For detailed information on option software, click here.
  • Data processing: for applying various numerical filters to the data (noise cancelling, edge detection, etc.)
  • Lens analysis: automatic detection of circular lens on the data, then automatic analysis including OK/NG decision and automatic plotting &. histogram generation
  • Remote control: it provides an interaction module to control the software/hardware from a custom external user application
  • Real-time analysis: the real-time version of data analysis functions
  • Real-time decision: real-time OK/NG decision