Software Download

You can download data viewer software bellow. There is one piece of software for each system-type. Download and double-click on the MSI installer. Then simply follow the instructions to install the software. Please read the license agreement carefully and accept the conditions before downloading. The software can be used without limitation concerning time or the number of computed allowed.

Recommended configuration

OSWindows 10 Professional 64bit (Japanese/English)
CPUCore i3 Processer or faster
Memory4GB RAM
Disk Space300MB free disk space
Video Display1920 x 1080
If it still doesn't work, please inquiry using the following information
- A summary of your computer specs (OS, memory, HD space, …)
- Attach the following file with your inquiry:
C:/ProgramData/Photonic Lattice/<system_type>/ERROR_LOG.txt
* <system_type> is one of the following: PA/WPA/PI/ME/SE, depending on the product purchased.

Viewer software is provided as is, without any warranty,
thus we could not provide any further support,
nor can we promise that the problem will be fixed.
If the problem persists, please try again on a different device (PC).

Birefringence measurement systems

System name Software
WPA-View WPA-View Ver. Japanese
I accept the conditions of the license agreement
size: 205,489,195 byte
md5: 04caf327167a8f679f0f59f18760d481
WPA-View WPA-View Ver. English
I accept the conditions of the license agreement
size: 204,380,090 byte
md5: 3570b1ce4dadc62b136467597daed3aa
PA-View PA-View Ver. Japanese
I accept the conditions of the license agreement
size: 192,930,397 byte
md5: d3643213c06b6f35c0df61fd07b7fffe
PA-View PA-View Ver. English
I accept the conditions of the license agreement
size: 191,020,204 byte
md5: 5b24c6ffe3120114b1367ac61a9f7c41
PI-View+ PI-View+ Ver. Japanese
I accept the conditions of the license agreement
size: 192,667,536 byte
md5: 9d421750c84150463cd30db0c9314bc0
PI-View+ PI-View+ Ver. English
I accept the conditions of the license agreement
size: 191,218,602 byte
md5: 71ddadd62ec0960426447201c5e2e183

Thin-layer thickness measurement systems

System name Software
ME-View ME-View Ver. Japanese
I accept the conditions of the license agreement
size: 86,145,048 byte
md5: 0fef3470e728f244713c5eef43c6500d
ME-View ME-View Ver. English
I accept the conditions of the license agreement
size: 83,056,714 byte
md5: c74b63b2bc75e4da6a47c701331395f5

Software License Agreement

Before downloading the dedicated software PA-View, WPA-View, PI-View+, ME-View, or SE-View (hereinafter referred to as the “Software”), please be sure to read this software license agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”). When the Software has been put into a state in which it can be used (including but not limited to downloading, installing, or other actions), it will be deemed that the customer consented to all of the clauses of the Agreement.
  1. Rights for the Software
    1. The Software is protected by the Copyright Act and treaties related to the Copyright Act, as well as other laws related to intellectual property rights and treaties for such laws. The Software product is something for which use is licensed, and it is not something that is sold.
    2. The Software includes third parties’ programs for which our company does not possess the copyrights. The Agreement’s validity does not cover those programs. For the use conditions for each program, please be sure to read the file below that is included in the Product’s package before using the Software.
      When the customer has agreed to the Agreement, it will be automatically deemed that the customer agreed to the conditions of use for each program.
  2. Permission for the right to use software
    1. In relation to the Software, Photonic Lattice, Inc., (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) will, free of charge and according to the conditions stated in the Agreement, grant the customer a non-exclusive and non-transferrable right to use the software (hereinafter referred to as the “Use Right”).
    2. If the customer used the Software based on the Agreement, it will be necessary to indicate all of the Company’s copyrights that are indicated in the Software.
    3. The Software can be used free of charge. Provided, however, that even in such a case the provisions of disclaimers will be valid for the places where the Software is distributed.
  3. Attribution of rights
    Copyrights and other intellectual property rights related to the Product will attribute to the Company or licensors for the Company, and none of them will attribute to the customer.
  4. Attribution of rights
    The Company prohibits the matters below:
    1. Renting, loaning, selling, transferring, or permitting the reuse of all or a portion of the Product to a third party without obtaining the Company’s prior written consent
    2. Setting a security interest on all or a portion of the Product
    3. Using information included in the Product for a purpose other than the use of the Product
    4. Revising, modifying, translating, analyzing, reverse compiling, or reverse engineering all or a portion of the Product or the Software’s data
  5. Guarantees and restriction of liability
    1. The Company will not bear any liability in relation to operation of the Software. Accordingly, we will deem that the customer consents to the fact that there is no technical support or explanations about methods of use.
    2. The Company will not make any guarantees in relation to the Software’s quality or functions (including guarantees related to the absence of viruses, the accuracy of responses, or the results of use). In addition, the customer must decide whether the Software sufficiently fulfills the customer’s requirements.
    3. The Company will not bear any liability whatsoever (including the obligation of care) for any damage that arises due to the customer’s use, non-use, or inability to use the Software (including but not limited to the loss of business profits, interruption of business, or loss of business information) or claims from third parties.
    4. The Company may change the specifications of the Software without advance notice, it will not make any guarantees, irrespective of whether explicit or implicit, about the Software’s functions, performance, or quality conforming to the customer’s specific purpose, and the Software will be provided to the customer in its current state.
  6. Agreement cancellation
    1. In the event that the customer violated even one of the clauses stipulated in the Agreement as stated above, the Agreement will automatically end and the Use Right will terminate.
    2. The company may end the Agreement due to the Company’s circumstances. In the event that the Agreement has ended, the customer must immediately destroy the Software and related documents.
  7. Changes of the content of the agreement
    1. In the event that there is an important change to the Agreement, the Company will notify customers on its homepage. For other minor changes, we ask that customers check the Company’s homepage as necessary. Please understand in advance that the Company will not bear any liability whatsoever for any problems caused by the customer not checking the homepage.
    2. In the event that the Agreement has changed, it will be necessary for customers to use the Software under the conditions stipulated in the changed license agreement.
  8. Governing laws
    The Agreement’s establishment, validity, performance, and interpretation will comply with the laws of Japan.
  9. Jurisdiction
    The Sendai Summary Court or the Sendai District Court will be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance for lawsuits related to the Agreement.
Photonic Lattice, Inc.