Takashi SATO Since its establishment in 2002, Photonic Lattice has consistently delivered unique optical elements, made of "photonic crystals", to various customers such as system manufacturers and research institutes.
We will develop continuously in order to keep providing valuable "photonic crystal" products, as our way to contribute to society.

President, Takashi SATO

Message from Founder

Our core is photonic crystals, in particular patterned ones made by our own process.
To provide the products that contain these crystals with one-of-a-kind capabilities and to put key products out into the market are our missions.
Our business is the following.
I Manufacturing and selling of photonic crystal elements: In addition to manufacturing and selling of suitable photonic crystal elements for various purposes, we accelerate the development of new feature chips.
II Manufacturing and selling of measurement equipment: We have put the birefringence / phase different measurement systems for transparent samples and the high-speed mapping ellipsometer out into the world in rapid-fire succession using our own palarization sensor.
Manufacturing and selling new products that only we can provide and providing the customers with extra value more than the price.-----what we are going to be.
We all are persevering in development, manufacturing and distributing.

Founder, Shojiro KAWAKAMI